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9/19/2015, Speaker Jonathon Smith, Location Faith West, Minutes by Bob Verplank

Windows 10

Windows 10 the start screen is back. No more Metro start screen of the Lego blocks. Windows 8 and 8.1 have different Internet Explorer but the start screen is back. Improved swapping. Better task view interface- alternate tab. You can add a virtual desk top up to 3. They can be scattered across 3 screens. We have a new charms menu. It does not run everything. Like part of the features are inoperable. New games solitaire, mine sweeper, Candy Crush built in.

It has Microsoft Edge to replace Internet Explorer but still has Internet Explorer now more like Chrome. But again all features do not work. But these features will be added update by update.

Chrome seems to have virus-like popups. Cortana has more contextual awareness. It will know your anniversary and tell you to send flowers and where to buy them. (So that is what contextual awareness means.) The action center gives new notifications in white box. Continuum does not work well yet with other apps. Lock screen will allow you to join and unjoin other networks.

Windows 10 is mostly free unless you did not pay for 7 or 8 or have a non-genuine Windows version. There will never be a windows 11, 12, 13, 14... Updates are forever and will have new features and patches. Might there be a charge in the future? Unknown. One should maybe not have automatic updates because they can wipe out work in progress open on your screen. You need to check a privacy box, as you do not automatically have privacy. Uncheck a box to share. You can roll back if you do not like it.

In general it works well. There are privacy issues. Exercise care in install and do not check automatic as there are some features like privacy that you should regulate. Otherwise you can back up and start over.

Coming Meetings in 2015

Metronet in October

Tuesday October 20 at 5:30 – 7:00 we will meet at 414 N Earl Ave, Lafayette at the Metronet office for an open house to see their local office and learn more about how Metronet is continuing to expand the residential and business fiber network in our community. They are providing the hors d'oeuvre and drinks – so you won’t want to miss this either :).

August 11, 2015

Annual Barbeque

The food and the people were great at the annual GLITS barbeque held Tuesday, August 11, 2015, at Sgt. Preston's. Due to construction half the patio was occupied by an orange lift which is being used to work on the beautiful old building's eaves. The crowd of 34 sat at tables outside and inside. The evening air was calm and comfortable, and inside was cool and right next to the food table. The meeting started with brief descriptions of what the sponsors do, than everybody filed insde to get salad, baked beans, pulled pork, chicken, and potato salad. Good! Old familiar faces were around to discuss old times and recent changes, and new faces were starting out.

GLITS members arriving at the Sgt. Preston's back patio next to the telescopic boom lift.

We took a hiatus on monthly meetings earlier this year and are reconsidering our meeting format and schedule.  Suggestions (and volunteers) welcome. If you have a suggestion for a presentation let us know, and we may ask you to do it.  Our meeting in September is currently scheduled to have a presentation on Windows 10, and by then a let of people will probably have some experiences to discuss.

We like the social aspects of GLITS, so we may have meetings without presentations, and/or move them around to different locations in the Lafayette area. What do you think? We would love to hear from people on the mailing list, at the barbeque, or as we happen to run into each other. Share your ideas with Bill Ooms, Bob Verpland, Wally Hubbard, Jonathan Smith and our other members.

September 25, 2014

Swift Fuel

Progress of Swift Enterprises R&D in Power, Ordnance & Propulsion: the Swift Fuel Cell & Swift Renewable Fuels at Puccini’s on September 25, 2014, at 5:30 pm. Here is audio from the talk by John Rusek of Swift Fuels and the Swift Fuel Cell: rusek.mp3

August 21


We had probably the best turn out ever at the BBQ. The Outpost staff counted 44! And with our gracious sponsors we came out about $15 ahead! Again the food was amazing, the discussion hard to beat, and probably made met new people and made new friends. Thanks all for coming. Special thanks to Schneider Electric, Stormfront Productions, Business System Solutions and Wintek.

May 15

Verizon Wireless Offerings

Subject: Verizon Wireless Upload offerings, presented by Binoy Pavagadhi, Brian Haselby, Roy Mitchel, and Andre Wade with Binoy taking the lead.

The evolution of wireless broadband technology to Long Term Evolution (LTE), with its enhanced capabilities, serves as an enabler to support wireless connectivity to applications and information. The need to ensure that data and communications are secure between the wireless device and the IP network is critical. It’s equally critical that only authorized users gain access to that information. To limit risk, organizations need to have control and management capabilities over the wireless network. Verizon Wireless Private Network extends customers’ IP networks to mobile workers and connects by segregating the data from the public Internet. This effectively reduces the security risks that result from unprotected public networks with access through public gateways. Private Network, enhanced with Verizon 4G LTE technology, enables a fast, direct connection to internal systems and applications without compromising network control and manageability, giving organizations a competitive edge to fuel growth and safely integrate wireless devices into their networks. Mobile workers, machine-to machine (M2M) solutions and physical sites can now be wirelessly connected, without compromising internal networks, applications or data.

April 17

All About Matchbox

This rather stupendous project is the culmination of the minds of Many and the cash of more than a few: Mikel Berger, Nelu Lazar, Ashley Scott, Mayor Roswarski, city development director Denny Carson And hosts of others. A studio for the emerging tech entrepreneur with an idea and no cash. Memberships as low as $30.00 per month. A beautiful and well-designed facility with lots of useable space. Featured in many news articles with the grand opening of last Weekend. An incubator in our own city.

March 29

Windows Deployment Services

Ryan Drown presented at the March 20th GLITS meeting on Windows Deployment Services, a server technology from Microsoft for network-based installation of Windows operating systems. You can view his slides as a PowerPoint or a PDF. It is the successor to Remote Installation Services. WDS is intended to be used for remotely deploying Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012, but also supports other operating systems because unlike its predecessor RIS, which was a method of automating the installation process, WDS uses disk imaging, in particular the Windows Imaging Format (WIM). WDS is included as a Server Role in all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 and 2012. Ryan manages both a large scale enterprise WDS environment at Purdue and also runs a WDS server for his consulting business.

January 23

Office 2013 and Office 365

Scot J Brunton's PowerPoint presentation: .ppsx or .pdf

We recorded the meeting for Bob, who was out sick. You might as well watch it, too.

Our next meeting in February will be on the regular day, the third Thurday (the 20th).

November 21

Windows 8.1

Wally Hubbard showed key new features in Windows 8.1 from an IT perspective:

  • New IT features in Windows 8.1 include native VPN support for Check Point, F5, Juniper Networks and Sonic Wall but not Cisco.
  • The UEFI ("you-fee") BIOS with 2013 hardware allows for a secure boot that loads anti-malware as soon as feasible in the boot process.
  • Provable PC Health: On the first boot hashes of the boot files are recorded and saved in the cloud. On subsequent boots, they are compared with current values to detect unauthorized changes.
  • For 2-factor identification, the TPM crypto processor is built into the PC itself so that the PC can act as if it were the second factor.
  • Mobile device management of devices not joined to the doman can be done with Windows Intune. Company files stored on devices are encrypted and a key from the server is required to decrypt them. On cleanup, the key can be broken to prevent access to the data.
  • IE11 is now standards-compliant, but some web sites need to catch up. It has compatability modes, to act like EI versions back to 6, and quirks modes and changeable browser strings.
  • Windows 8.1 adds support for Miracast screencasting, wireless printing and near-field communications.

Start Screen: Newly-installed apps, from the store or from a push out in the domain, do not appear on the Start Screen but appear in the Apps Screen and can be added to the Start Screen manually or by group policy. The Start Screen layout can be saved using new a PowerShell command, Export-StartLayout, and imported using Import-StartLayout. The Start Screen can be set to use the desktop background. The Apps category view can be set to show Desktop applications first.

Desktop: You can use Navigation Properties (the quickest way to find the page seem to be searching for it!) to replace Command with PowerShell on the start button's right-click menu. You can also turn corner navigation on/off (so strictly-desktop users aren't annoyed by having the charms menu appear when trying to close a program, for example), and set Windows to boot to the desktop, by setting checkboxes in the Navigation Properties page.

The desktop world as we knew it is no longer growing. Growth is in personal devices, networked to servers. Windows 8.1 is Microsoft's latest step to stay relevant but more is coming, like a Windows Store version of Office, expected out next year. 8.1 is a good step forward but there's more work to be done.

There are some links in the PowerPoint slides (PDF).

October 18

Comcast Data

Comcast may make you think of cable TV but the focus on this night was data and Comcast Business Class offerings, presenteed by Christopher Jarrett along with Rosa Lasker. The company has fiber running from Lafayette both to Indianapolis and Chicago. In Lafayette there are fiber backbones that use coaxial cable for the "last mile."

It's also offering free Wi-Fi access points to the Internet (XFINITY Hotspots) for businesses that subscribe to their service. Sounds like a great idea for businesses with customer waiting rooms. Users sign in by using credentials that work at all similar hotspots in Comcast service areas.

The presentation slides are available in this PDF.

August 15

Schneider Electric and APC

Jim McCorkle, of Scheider Electric, APC's parent company, explained ways to keep power in data centers and keep them running cool. His presentation slides are available as a PDF.

August 15

Annual GLITS Barbeque

Great weather, pleasant conversations, good times. Another GLITS barbque is history, and we're back to having regular meetings.

Future meetings to be on 3rd Thursday of month at Puccini's at 5:30 pm for beverages and discussion and 6:00 for the speaker.

June 18

Blazing-fast Internet, Stunning Fiber IPTV and Clear, Reliable Phone service is here. Are you in the know? Metronet is here!

Tom Decker, Business Account Executive for Metronet, told the larger-than-usual crowd it's going to cost $60 million dollars to string fiber optic cable around Lafayette and West Lafayette, and the cable is already installed and being installed in West Lafayette.  Lafayette will follow in the fall and next year.

As a company, Metronet now has installations in 15 cities, the closest being Lebanon and Greencastle. It carries television, high-speed Internet, and local and long distance phone service and is headquartered in Evansville.

Decker said if you want a 1 gigabit connection you can get it, although you probably won't like the price. However Metronet sells individual and packaged services on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract, and no installation fee, with pricing in the $100/month range.

The web site is and the Lafayette phone number is (765) 250-8000.

Future meetings wil be held on the third THURSDAY of the month.  There's no meeting in July, the annual barbeque in August, and regular meetings resume in September. 

May 21

Lafayette's new co-working space

Update: The name of the coworking building will be MatchBox Studio and a web site has been started at The logo features a matchbox, matchsticks and flames, keying off the building's history as "Fireproof Garage" and its adjacency to the Jonesy's Gas Station museum. Maybe when people match up, ideas will explode?

We had a fascinating conversatation with Mikel Berger ( about both his software development company DelMar ( and plans for putting a coworking space in a 10,000 sq. ft. space near downtown Lafayette. Mikel also is leading Lafayettech ( which holds weekly meetings focused on helping entrepreneurs take the next step.

The name of the coworking space will be announced Thursday evening, and the public is invited inside the building, "the Stein building", which was donated by Don Stein to the Tippecanoe County Public Library. The library used part of the building for offices and storage but never found a use for the rest, which it will lease for the coworking space. The city of Lafayette will provide money to fix up the building, including window replacement and roof repairs. The goal is to have it open this fall.

Mikel says there will be a range of membership options that are still being worked out. It will have a manager during normal working hours, 24/7 key fob access, and both common workspace areas and private offices. There might be a snack bar in the middle. There are also plans to build a mezzanine to increase the square footage and provide quieter work areas.

During the discussion we heard about an out-of-state company that employs several people in the Lafayette area as remote workers and would be interested in them having a common work area. Another possibilty is a small company that uses its all its current space for production and needs to do office work somewhere. Similar coworking spaces in Chicago and Indianapolis have mainly computer-oriented clients but Mikel hopes this space also attracts a variety of artists, photographers, videographers and more in a way that makes it local and unique.

The building's new name will be announced and it will be open for inspection on Thursday, May 23, at 6:30. It's the brick building at 17 S. 6th St., south of city hall, between the Holiday Inn Express and the library and behind the Jonesy's Gas Station museum.

April 16


The April 16 meeting focused on certifications, and the tests you would need to take to become certified in VMware, Microsoft IT, and others. Achieving a technology certification is a great way for IT professionals to stay current in their technology areas and prove their technical skills. Greg Jackson and Nathan Cornelius from New Horizons Computer Learning Center in Indianapolis presented. Nathan is not only an instructor with 20+ certifications, he's the IT guy who sets up and maintains the New Horizons computers. He says he likes it because he likes to do a variety of things. He also can list from memory the test numbers you would need to pass for various certifications.

If you have been thinking about getting a certification, you don't have much time for Windows Server 2003 and 2008, since Microsoft will stop offering those certifications in July, as it tries to push its newer technologies. For more, check out

February 19

Bring Your Own Device to Work?

Led by Bill Ooms and Andy Milam and anyone else who has an opinion. They will tell us about some of problems and possibilities with BYOD in the work place.

Our discussion is to see how others are allowing and using mobile BYOD (bring your own device) in their organizations and how to make it easier for IT and employees. If you are doing this please come and be part of our discussion forum to share your experience.

As a specific area of the BYOD trend, many organizations are turning to mobile devices and solutions to help their outside sales people, technicians, and business travelers to be more productive while away from the office. Both of these trends are leading to a greater need for some type of mobile device management (MDM). Every organization needs to see and control the mobile devices entering their company, whether they are provided by the company or part of a BYOD program.

Some of the MDM items to consider whether we can or cannot do are:

  • Send enrollment requests over the air using SMS, email, or a custom URL
  • Authenticate against Active Directory/LDAP, one-time passcode, or SAML
  • Register corporate and employee owned BYOD devices
  • Discover devices accessing company systems
  • Integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Office 365
  • Configure email, calendar, contacts, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles over-the-air (OTA)
  • Approve or quarantine new mobile devices on the network
  • Distribute and manage public and corporate applications
  • Securely share and update documents and content
  • Specify passcode policies
  • Enforce encryption settings
  • Detect and restrict jail broken and rooted devices
  • Remotely locate, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Selectively wipe corporate data leaving personal data intact
  • Use geo-fencing rules to enforce location-related compliance
  • Use device views to diagnose and resolve issues
  • Locate lost or stolen devices
  • Reset forgotten passcodes
  • Detailed hardware and software inventory reports

The starting time for the meeting will be at 5:30 pm for the hospitality session, and 6:00 for the BYOD program at Puccini’s in the back room. Get out time will be approximately 7:00 pm with food and beverage available. Tweeting is allowed and even encouraged.

January 15

Windows 8?

Jonathan Smith talked about pros and cons of Windows 8, and can see both positive developments and shortcomings. Jonathan also passed out a business card with links to his blog and WIndows 8 articles and reviews. This image of his card has clickable links, for your learning convenience!

November 13

Tech Discussions

The Greater Lafayette Information and Technology Society hosted open discussion for our meeting at Puccini's in November. Note that it's a week earlier than normal, to avoid having it during Thanksgiving week.

We'll have social open-ended discussion for everyone, with Jason Rubsam facilitating and moderating. We can talk about issues users are having and/or the movements to virtualization and cloud computing. Or we might drift over to where to new technology, working with vendors, Windows 8 from phone to server, and any other subject. There is sponsor money left from the August Barbeque and we plan on being able to offer free snacks for the meeting which starts at 5:30 at Puccini's.

October 16
Corey Willis

Building an intranet the easy way.

Build an Intranet

Here's the outline of Corey's talk, and the link to a PDF of his PowerPoint slides.

  • Who uses SharePoint?
  • What do you need to set it up and use it?
  • SharePoint can be divided into two sections: SharePoint services and SharePoint portal server.
  • Why have an intranet?
  • Why SharePoint?
  • What does it do?
  • Why have an Internet?
    • It enables us to share calendars.
    • It allows us to exchange Public folders.
    • It gives us dynamic information sharing.
    • It allows us to have cross functional teams.
    • It gives us department publishing capabilities.
    • And allows you to choose your own information path.
    • May be more useful to larger organizations.
  • Almost all server packages since 2003 have included SharePoint with the rest of the server package. There may be some added license fees and some unusual instances perhaps relating to data storage capacity.
    • SharePoint is free.
    • SharePoint is the best CMS for a Windows shop on the inside.
    • It allows multiple points of Microsoft integration.
  • What can SharePoint do?
    • It can do an index search on a word, subject, a document wiki, a shared calendar.
    • It can perform multiple tasks such as having a discussion meeting workspace either standard or custom.
    • It can lock a document if desired.
    • It can unlock a document if desired.
    • This allows the use of standard documents in a larger organization if desired or the ability to change those documents if desired.
    • It allows document control by the writer and may keep track of changes from the original.
  • SharePoint is fundamentally a collection of lists.
    • Those lists could be calendars.
    • They could be documents.
    • They could be tasks.
    • They could be a complex task or a task that requires more than one individual to perform.
  • Some custom examples:
    • A task, how to maintain a substation.
    • A related task by multiple parties, when to disconnect a nonpaying party.
    • A survey.
    • Data collection.
    • Performance appraisals.
    • Payroll change.

Note here that more complex tasks may require a portal server which can perform a more complex work flow.

  • What I've learned.
    • Have lots of discussion.
    • Get repetitive data collection.
  • Scalability.
    • Do your research.
    • Don't overload the server.

When you roll it out, you may want to start with a prototype site. Get people involved -- get the whole department involved. Find necessary changes. And then when you've done all the checking, destroy the original and start over.

When done, you should have a low maintenance system of data sharing.

Backing up may be done in the standard way, with backup exec, and by using a command and writing your own system of backup. Difficult to do. A backup command can be found in the system.

One cannot invite someone to a calendar item in SharePoint. If you want to invite someone to a calendar item, do so through Outlook, and then it will be shared.

September 18


Corey Willis, Tipmont REMC's Manager of Technology and Communications, led a facilitated discussion on the types of policies and documentation that our organizations should develop. His presentation was in PREZI, which means you can view it online with your web browser.

Corey talked about

  1. Red Flag Rules
  2. Acceptable Use Policy
  3. Hardware / Software Standards
  4. Security Guidelines
  5. Disaster Recovery
  6. Network Setup and Documentation
  7. Service Level Agreement
  8. Incident Response Plan
  9. Equipment Disposal Policy
  10. Litigation Hold Plan

For an explanation of each point, view the presentation. While no one seems to have everything implemented, these certainly set goals to accomplish.

Our October 16 meeting will be on SharePoint, Microsoft's Enterprise content management system..

August 21

GLITS Barbeque 2012

After a record-hot July, the weather cooled in time for the annual barbeque on the patio behind Sergeant Preston's. With about 30 in attendance, we had pleasant weather, pleasant conversation and got to meet a few family members. There was no program, just socializing.

Sponsors: The principal sponsor of record was Experts Exchange. They still offer every GLITS member a free 3 month membership to their online service with no credit card required. There is no cost or obligation. Use this link to sign up:

Also sponsoring: Lafayette PC, Business System Solutions, Gran-IT Consulting, Roeing Corporation and Indiana Dataline.

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