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April 19

Thin Clients

Cameron Smith Thin clients rear views

They're not PC's but they sure come close. Cameron Smith, a recent Purdue grad now working for WYSE Technology, showed hardware that can offer all the ports found on a PC but boots from an image on a server. If it breaks you just plug in replacement hardware and the old system is recovered. He told the GLITS April meeting that you can update the boot image on the server without affecting a user's personalized settings or installed programs.

Cameron is involved in running Midwest Wyse Guys (note that in the URL it's "guy" not "guys": and it contains his blog. The blog describes the products he showed at GLITS, and the site has links to documentation.

Asked about running credit card terminals attached to computers, Smith said yes. There's even a thin client that supports USB 3.0. Another product has a dual-core 1.6GHz processor and will slot in up to 16GB of RAM.

Wyse thin clients support a variety of operating systems. You can download his presentation slides as PowerPoint, PDF and text.

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