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July 19
by Wally Hubbard

Evernote logo and link


Jason Rubsam of Lafayette PC told the July GLITS audience Evernote has become a key part of his small business, even though it is consumer-oriented. He can type or record notes and add photographs to Evernote's "notebooks" and quickly find them again. It has reduced the time he spends keeping records and he still has all the information he needs. He uses his camera phone to photograph receipts which his wife then uses as she handles billing. The photographed text is searchable. He can enter information in the field in his iPad, and it's automatically synched to the Evernote installation on his office PC. He says he could use the free version, but has decided to use the paid version, which has more capacity and costs only $45 a year.

Evernote slide His presentation is available as a PDF download from his public Evernote folder, at Click on the button labeled "Evernote - Buy the Book - 201", or click on the opening slide shown here. Jason's public folder also contains Evernote guides for Mac and Windows, articles and tips.

Anyone at Lafayette PC can make a note and everyone has access to it. They all use the same account. Their PC, phone and tablet devices synchronize at regular intervals that can be adjusted. Although specific words or phrases can be encrypted, Evernote generally transmits and stores data in the clear.

Jason told the group he got an iPad and looked for software to install, so he tried Evernote. As he has used it, he has learned new features that make him glad he got started on it. One important feature he recently learned is tags. By placing his own tags on notebook entries, search results give him just what he's looking for.

The group also discussed a similar product, Microsoft OneNote, which is more business-oriented but is restricted to Windows operating systems.