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June 21

Tablet Developments

GLITS members heard about three different tablets and how they are being used.

Len Fulkerson of Window Genie explained how he uses his Xoom to show customers what window treatments will look like. He also has a movie of the concrete cleaning he does, and says it has helped him explain and sell the service. The Xoom does the job he got it for, and he doesn't use it to collect apps.

Jason Rubsam , of Lafayette PC, does have a lot of apps for his iPad. His son watches movies on it. But he mainly uses it for quick access to information from his office while he is in the field. He takes out a portable PC for network analysis, but otherwise the iPad does the job. He would prefer it supported stylus input, but gets along with the on-screen keyboard.

Matt Hodge handles IT at Raybestos and is testing his Blackberry Playbook to see whether more would work for other people at the plant. He says the Playbook has good security, and handles video and sound surprisingly well. It runs multiple programs simultaneously. Hodge looks forward to Blackberry's updates to see what's new and what's fixed. A program that needed spell-checking now has it. GPS had not worked, until just recently.

This was the first meeting with Bill Ooms as president, after Scott Charles handed over the GLITS leadership position on June 1. We have added a meeting in July on Evernote, and in August, we have the barbeque.

Matt Hodge showed his Playbook, Len Fulkerson his Xoom, and Jason Rubsam his iPad