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by Bob Verplank, Computer Visions

Windows 7: October 2009

Cyle Dibble
Roeing Corporation

Cyle Dibble from Roeing Corp. gave a talk to the GLITS group about Windows 7. He said installation was easy, that it led to storing the old operating system in a separate folder while the new operating system was installed. He also noted that after Windows 7 was installed one could install Windows XP in a cloud or virtual mode which would seem to be the best of all possible worlds. The screen has mobility. The control panel no longer has the classic view. One can change the default printer to whatever network is being used on a more or less automatic with connection. One can move the old Windows to an empty space on the hard drive and then continue to a clean install.

No proxy profile.

He noted the advantages of a SharePoint library.

It is possible to create batch files to store data on remote drives on different networks.

He found some problems with programs like bit locker and ap locker in the process of upgrading programs. These may not be used much anyway.

In Windows 7 you may create a virtual XP on a PC with installed programs that only run on the XP version. It is possible to move files from the XP mode to the Windows 7 mode and vice versa by cut and paste. More shortcut keys are available in the 7 version.

Both Windows programs may be controlled in a multi-monitor situation. All you need to do to show what you might do on the desktop is to hover the mouse over a program is and a screen will pop up indicating what might be performed at that location.

It is possible to create both ISO and DVD discs from Windows seven. There is better indexing of files and it is easier to find files and the search mode seems friendlier. You can compare Windows 7 and XP by having two files side-by-side

One has better access to Windows, the operation seem simpler, and change seems easier to do. Load time on browser add-ons is decreased. Is easier to change text size on applications from within the program. One can select text from a group to pick which is the most legible or readable on a given screen. The virtual XP program does not come with the system but must be downloaded. There are new and better zoom features. The machine that he was running was a laptop, dual core 1.7 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. It may not change the default printer when changing networks unless an office application is open.

Windows 7 Slide Deck (PDF)