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by Bob Verplank, Computer Visions

IT Tools: September 2009

Del Smyser
IT Infrastructure Specialist, Purdue Research Foundaton

About 14 of us gathered last Tuesday evening to discuss the ebb and flow of the IT industry. In the pre-meeting meeting, there was a lot of discussion about the latest security 2010 viruses, their cause, and their attempted cure.

Del started us off with some discussions about the kind of tools he is using to connect and test fiber-optic connections for new computer installations at the research park. He mentioned that his survey showed about 65% of all members, who responded to the Survey prefer a Tuesday meeting. Some of the other survey topics indicate an interest in virtual computing, Windows 7, and backups.

Windows IT Tools Networking

Steve Van Frank

WireShark – Presented by Steve Van Frank of Wintek Corporation Various ways of setting it up, it can be used to show the traffic or lack thereof on various devices on the network. This could be set up to show total traffic, traffic on each machine, or traffic to undesirable locations. This tool is free and it's range of use is very dependent on the skill of the operator

A similar tool for studying traffic was trafshow, or multi-router traffic grapher solutions available at MRTG is the graphical history program, Multi-Router Traffic Grapher

Other tools used in studying wireless environments include Netscan, netstumbler, p-cap, and driftnet. Corey Willis said that virtually all WEP protections, offer no protection at all in a public environment and that the idea of using a credit card or doing something important was an extraordinarily dangerous idea. Anyone who risked such environments stood to lose data, security, and control.

Earl Nay also shared with the group some uses of computers in automotive diagnostics. He did not believe that they were capable of telling you how fast you had driven in the last 15 minutes remotely but they were improving. Some black boxes would do a pretty thorough analysis of your car and can be had for about $85.00.

We all enjoyed the appetizers purchased by Wintek. Thank you Steve Belter. We enjoyed our experience at Puccini's.